July 24th, 2006

userinfo senji
2006/07/24 17:26:00 - Tubular woes
Of course, that follows the outbound journey on which we had the delightful announcement in Kings Cross where it would've been easier to list the tube lines that were having "Good Service" (i.e. SNAFU), and the return where, with the Surface Lines out on the northern-Circle, and Kings Cross shut to suburban rail services, we went Bakerloo/Victoria to Tottenham Hale and joined a 'one' train there to get home. And got absolutely toasted (despite carrying bottles of water). I do wonder, however, why National Rail were directing Cambridge customers to Liverpool Street in preference to Tottenham Hale (generally easier to get to, if you'd be expecting to go to Kings Cross) and TfL at Paddington were directing Liverpool Street customers around the Circle the arse-backwards way, rather than Bakerloo/Central.

Fortunately, however, we weren't traveling on Sunday, where power problems in London took the usual engineering works chaos up to 11, not helped by a one-under on the Central Line….

Oh, and we stopped for 7 minutes at one of our stations between Bristol and Paddington because a man had boarded the train who had assaulted a "young lady" on the platform, and they weren't moving the train until he was evicted. This didn't, however, delay us sufficiently that we missed our train at Tottenham Hale but, in true userinfosenji style arrived on the platform with about a minute to spare.
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userinfo hmmm_tea
2006/07/24 16:43:56
I do wonder, however, why National Rail were directing Cambridge customers to Liverpool Street in preference to Tottenham Hale

Probably to avoid over-crowding. Liverpool Street would probably be better suited to deal with the extra commutors catching the train there.

Also telling people one tube line is less confusing then telling them to "change at...". People generally prefer "Get on this train it will take you were you're going" and being ignorant that they could be getting there in half the time, but stressing about "which stop was I suppose to change at next?".
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userinfo senji
2006/07/24 16:55:37
I think the only real advantage that Liverpool Street would have over TH in terms of capacity is a few more tube-exit gates; TH mainline in particular has a pair of huge platform (as I guess you might expect from the station nearest the Hotspurs' home ground). As to the other, as as result of not listening to what well-meaning helpers suggested, I got home an hour earlier. And anyone arriving in Paddington later than me wouldn't have got home at all (since the National Rail journey planners don't allow for tube maintanence works they might entirely plausibly be expecting to catch the last train, and fail to do so).
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Tubular woes - Squaring the circle...

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