July 24th, 2006

userinfo senji
2006/07/24 14:44:00 - Oh noe! It's a bus on wheels!
Well, like what I said, I were in Bristol on Friday (and practically so on Saturday). The purpose of said trip was userinfoclaroscuro's brother's graduation.

Anyway, to simplify things we travelled out on Thursday, and stayed with userinfocurig, venturing into Bristol via train on Friday morning (along with him, on his way to work). Now, we knew from the ticket-office-clerk that the train was going to be short formed (and indeed, they were going to stop the following Virgin "through" train in order to handle customers who were unable to get on their intended one), so I was expecting something like a class 155 or (if we were really lucky) a two-unit class 165 to show up, particularly since this is the heart of the commuting South-West. But there I was on the platform, going "Oh noe! That's no train!" as a class 143 turned up (probably the one in that picture, it was certainly painted the same). This, naturally, brought back bad memories of the class 142s on the Harrogate line at York, where I first encountered the Pacer railbus, an experiment in using off-the-shelf bus parts to build trains with. These things have only four wheels per unit, so it's "ber-doing-dee, ber-doing-dee" all the way.... On the plus side the one we traveled on did appear to have had its seats upgraded from bus-style to airline-style, not that that made much difference to those of us packed in the passage-way between units. Whilst this was a journey much preferable to my experiences on the DLR during rush-hour, I don't think that that's really a recommendation…
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userinfo mickat24
2006/07/24 16:44:08
Oh, I remember it was you who once posted about how to make the little LJ user icon thingies into a little animal, like you have it now. How did you do it? How can I capture an image and then use it instead of the little person icon? Thanks!
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userinfo enismirdal
2006/07/24 17:08:58
WOW! It's like a bus...only a train!
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