June 30th, 2006

userinfo senji
2006/06/30 14:12:00 - WTF of the day
This traintimes.org.uk result (lovingly preserved) boggles me. Why are they offering me a 98-minute interchange between KX and Paddington?
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userinfo zeibura_kathau
2006/06/30 14:35:23
incase you're an american tourist and choose to do KX to paddington by going round the circle line the wrong way, and getting out at every station to ask whether you're going the right way, be told you're not, but keep going the wrong way anyway.
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userinfo senji
2006/06/30 14:38:25
That would be one answer, but it's not usually that dumb...
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userinfo kaet
2006/06/30 14:38:03
Slow moving pride of lions causing disruption at Marble Arch. Thompson's Gazelles are recommended to use an alternative route, for example changing at Hitchen.

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userinfo megamole
2006/06/30 14:52:12
They've clearly travelled on the Circle Line...
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userinfo cartesiandaemon
2006/06/30 15:16:49
Oh. I assumed it was the only route using that train or something, but no, it seems both trains have a strictly better train available for the other leg, with a tube journey allowed to take an hour. Boggle.
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2006/06/30 15:31:19
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userinfo yrieithydd
2006/07/01 00:18:28
No. I had a similar one a couple of weeks ago (though I didn't preserve it) and National rail didn't know about KX being closed. When I asked about Cambridge to London Liverpool Street on Tuesday morning it still gave me KX and tube to LLS as well as the direct trains. Admittedly the KX route is quicker, but ...!
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userinfo mouse262
2006/06/30 17:33:10
To give you time to walk it, including a few minutes to sit down in Regent's Park.
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userinfo freelancepedant
2006/09/05 09:21:48
Long time after the fact, I realise, but I should point out that I simply regurgitate the results from the official site - so it's not my fault! ;-) There are various oddities in their software (giving results at the first stage, then not being able to find any results with prices); they've recently done a big upgrade, however, so that might be fixed, who knows...
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