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Hmm, a bit short on plot, but they had lots of ferret-shock moments.
Remus is supposed to be a Romulan colony isn't it, not a slave camp? Otherwise (obSFB) surely it wouldn't've caused so much chaos when they crashed the MacArthur on it?
The bad-guy could've written a number of good SFB term notes, but he missed the first rule in the book - never under estimate your opponant. Oh, and `use your tractors, dammit!
They've improved the CGI rather - they even got the shadow right when they launched the Argo.
You can't possibly have a perfect cloaking device, or at least not a strategic one - you have waste products to deal with.
Picard, it's `Ramming Speed', OK?
`Defence pattern Kirk epsilon', that's a bit untraditional. People usually name these things after themselves.
Was Bev's hair always that colour?
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