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This doesn't really gell, but...

[Meme from userinfoankaret]

In Roger Zelazny's Nine Princes in Amber, Corwin describes Random physically as: "a wily-looking little man, with a sharp nose and a laughing mouth and a shock of straw-colored hair." He describes Random's character (before marriage and kingship) this way: "But I knew he was nobody's fool; he was resourceful, shrewd, strangely sentimental over the damnedest things; and on the other hand, his word wasn't worth the spit behind it, and he'd probably sell my corpse to the medical school of his choice if he could get much for it." Random was the youngest legitimate son of Oberon and the shortest. Was teased often as a lad, but more than made up for it in guile and nasty pranks. He was a professional musician before the Unicorn chose him to succeed Oberon. Then the foot-loose scoundrel became transformed into a responsible and fair-minded king, using his cleverness and charm for good.

Which Amberite are you?
this quiz was made by Mysti
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