June 9th, 2006

userinfo senji
2006/06/09 14:03:00 - the New Andrex® Puppy
I have a large number of "Andrex® Puppy Tokens". 6 of these tokens plus £5 plus an order form can be turned into a "New Andrex® Puppy" (being a soft toy puppy with "detachable training jacket, moving head and soft puppy fur". Currently I have 18 more tokens than I need (but have provisionally promised one set of tokens to one person).

If anyone wants one of these puppies I can either post you a photocopied form and some tokens, or add additional puppies to my order and exchange them for £5 at a future date. Should more than the requisite number of people wish puppies then I'll select randomly from interested people.

Do you want a New Andrex® Puppy?


Should I:

Post you form/tokens
Order you a puppy for future exchange
Stop bothering you with questions about soft toys you don't want

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userinfo mst3kgirl
2006/06/09 13:37:28
Do you take paypal? I could just PP you a fiver, and then have you order one for me (assuming there are still tokens available, mind you).

I love collecting advertisement soft toys.
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userinfo ankaret
2006/06/09 14:11:29
I'm just hugely amused by someone using 'one of these puppies' to mean an actual toy puppy. As you can see from the icon, I have my share of floppy soft toys, and do not need more.
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userinfo sphyg
2006/06/10 12:51:49
IRTA detachable head ;) Unfortunately, I don't think we have room for any more cuddly toys.
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the New Andrex® Puppy - Squaring the circle...

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