June 7th, 2006

userinfo senji
2006/06/07 13:22:00 - "ring, ring"
X:Can you tell me your minimum order?
Me:Minimum order of what?
X:Oil for central heating systems.
Me:We don't supply oil.
X:Oh. (hangs up)

This actually happens quite frequently, but this is the first time it's happened to me...
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userinfo antinomy
2006/06/07 12:37:34
No, no, we're an *oil* company... oh, arse :)
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userinfo enismirdal
2006/06/07 12:44:32
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userinfo cartesiandaemon
2006/06/07 12:56:29
Where do you work again?
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userinfo senji
2006/06/07 13:18:18
I suspect that things like this result from hangovers from when we were called Petrologic (nowadays we're owened by a major international oil services company).
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userinfo edith_the_hutt
2006/06/07 13:52:03
But... but... Petrology doesn't have to be related to Petrol!

When will people learn this simple fact?
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userinfo cartesiandaemon
2006/06/07 13:20:10
Thank you.

There's so much to think of when choosing a name. I remember a computer magazine commenting that Xinside (X-inside I think) had changed their name because too many people thought they were porn producer.
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userinfo marnanel
2006/06/07 13:23:27
I see experts-exchange.com are sporting a hyphen these days.
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userinfo bellinghman
2006/06/07 13:39:11
X: "Hello, please could you burn my pussy for me?"
Me: "I'm sorry, no. You want 01763 xxxxxx"

Yes, we do have the number for the Cambridge Pet Crematorium by the phone. Quite why the CPC felt they needed to change their number (which we then we got assigned), is another question.

It's not as though their new number is more memorable.

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