June 7th, 2006

userinfo senji
2006/06/07 11:42:00 - Dunia nzima imo mikononi mwako
After a bit of a wait (they were more popular than expected, which must be a good sign) my cafédirect mug turned up and is now adorning my desk at work.

On the inside are three inscriptions: Dunia nzima imo mikononi mwako, El mundo en tus manos, and The future in your hands.

(Apologies for the poor quality of the photos: they were taken with my telephone...)
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userinfo king_of_wrong
2006/06/07 11:06:20
... why do you have a Swahili-speaking coffee mug?
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userinfo senji
2006/06/07 12:23:59
Because cafédirect sent me one :).

I suspect that Swahili is a language often spoken in parts of the world where cafédirect purchase their coffee…
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