May 26th, 2006

userinfo senji
2006/05/26 15:45:00 - Ride and shoot
Yesterday evening, it being sunny, I took my camera with me on my route into town, and basically shot everything that looked interesting (plus a couple of shots of the road junction that we'd been discussing on #chiark).

It's a bit of a grab-bag of stuff, but photos are available here if you're interested.
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userinfo crazyscot
2006/05/26 15:20:14
The photo of Elizabeth Way bridge comes out dark because the CCD has compensated for the bright sky. If you can, tell your camera to overexpose the shot next time you try.

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userinfo ilanin
2006/05/26 15:21:47
and basically shot everything that looked interesting

IHNJ IJLtaking things out of context and making them look worrying.
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userinfo williamjm
2006/05/26 21:32:12
Your chosen route seems very familiar since that's usually the way I'd walk into Cambridge City Centre. I've even taken photographs of some of the same things... (see some of the recent photos at for example).
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