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Trio Bin
Last week I had some bin bags delivered (to work, in a cardboard box). "Slightly unusual" you might say, "why didn't he just go to Tesco?".

"Simple", I reply, "because these bags are made of Corn Starch and can go straight in the green bin.".

(Hmm, that's enough of mock-novel style). Anyway, the Corn Starch bags are just one important part in the job of making eco-friendly disposal so simple that I can be arsed to deal with it. The Trio Bin (also available from is something else that's making my life a lot easier in the new house because we don't end up with a Green Bin and a Cans Bin and a Waste Bin all cluttering up the kitchen. And not having to go out in the rain (as with previous houses) to dispose of Green Waste is great.

Plus since we last lived in the City the Council have introduced Blue Boxes which save all of that faffy plastic identification and trying to find a plastics bank as they simply accept all plastic bottles (presumably working on the theory that almost all plastic bottles are one of the easily recyclable sorts).

[Hmm, on reading through this entry bits of it seem like marketing, so I should possibly note that my only relationship with is that of a satisfied customer, and that I do have permission to reproduce the picture in the top corner]
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