April 20th, 2006

userinfo senji
2006/04/20 17:55:00 - Yet Another (Very) Silly Death

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userinfo ilanin
2006/04/20 18:08:37
f - a blessed thoroughly rusty corroded +0 long sword (alternate weapon; not wielded)

Um, I'm fairly certain the penalties for weapons being out of condition apply to #twoweaponing as well. Use a silver saber anyway, far more fun.
k - an uncursed very burnt +2 elven cloak (being worn)

Ranger bones file?
c - an uncursed ring of invisibility (on left hand)
d - an uncursed ring of teleport control (Had Teleportitis)
q - an uncursed ring of levitation (on right hand)

Why aren't you wearing the ring of teleport control? Uncontrolled teleportitis is really annoying, and somewhat dangerous. Also, I spy a ring of free action in the bag. Conventional wisdom is somewhat opposed to ever removing one of those, due to paralysis being a Bad Thing.

m - a +0 unicorn horn
You know, that really ought to be blessed.
h - a blessed luckstone
The Orb of Fate counts as a luckstone. Then again, some people carry another anyway given its propensity to get nicked.

Still I think she was generally in good shape. The equipment wasn't entirely as good as I'd have expected, but that was solvable. What were the wishes going to go on?

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userinfo senji
2006/04/20 20:40:52
The elven cloak was off an Elf :) It got burned on the Quest (where I burned a few other things, too).

I'm not wearing the telecontrol ring because the Castle is a no-tele level; I hadn't encountered any paralysing monsters (except floating eyes) so hadn't worried about the freeact ring.

I hadn't realised the Orb was a luckstone — only just got it…

Wishes: I'm not sure. "2 blessed scrolls of charging" is a traditional first I understand, but other than that…

Hmm, I could do with a nethack userpic…
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