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Picocon today (as always hosted by the Imperial college ΨΦ society). Not much in the way of books to pick up, (although I did snag the Engines of Light trilogy), but the author sessions were interesting, the panel distracted, and the silly games amused. Plus one of the most successful Destruction of Dodgy Merchandise auctions ever which must have raised over £200 for Charity.

Did you know that it's faster to travel from South Kensington to Kings Cross via the District/Circle then Victoria lines than the direct Piccadilly route – provided changing at Victoria takes no more than 4 minutes. People attempting this are recommended to get in the second carriage of a District train near the central doors (or the rear of the first carriage of a Circle train, which are shorter) for optimal placement at Victoria. The exit at Kings Cross is at the very rear of the train. Unfortunately I still just missed my train to Cambridge, but that's life.

I did however get to travel on one of the refurbished District trains, and they're a vast improvement. Doubleplusgood marks for Metronet and LUL here.
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