January 14th, 2006

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[from </a></b></a>ankaret] A Victorian Etiquette flash game. A surprisingly large amount of it seems to be common-sense, which would be why I scored almost full marks on it :).
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2006/01/15 10:44:52
It's rarely acknowledged that books of Victorian Etiquette, from whence these little posers come often represented extreme views of how a gentleman or lady should behave rather than being reflective of mainstream culture. This phenomenon* was, I believe, more prevalent in the UK than in the States and Canada, since everyone in the UK was expected to have picked up ettiquette by dint of proper breeding. The notion that a book could turn you into a lady or a gentleman was a somewhat laughable one. Only the nouveau riche could possibly need such a thing.

Etiquette as actually practiced, as opposed to as written, was of course largely a matter of common sense as opposed to arbitrary rules. Even the very restrictive provision of gender roles all actually made common sense if one accepted the Victorian's basic assumptions about the nature of the sexes.

* Do-do-be-do-do
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