January 4th, 2006

userinfo senji
2006/01/04 11:50:00 - I'm tired of being tired…
Is it just me who is tired already of this "Doesn't $politician look tired" meme?
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userinfo edith_the_hutt
2006/01/04 12:13:15
Muh? I thought it was only Blair and Kennedy in the gunners sights at the moment?
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userinfo stephdairy
2006/01/04 12:32:59
It's a Doctor Who reference.

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userinfo king_of_wrong
2006/01/04 13:13:46
A bad one, though. I thought it was quite plausible that those six words were a codephrase...
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userinfo ankaret
2006/01/04 12:15:27
I've only seen Bush so far.

I don't like 'if you see this, pass it on' memes anyway; I know I'm under absolutely no obligation to pass it on, but I tend to feel that it comes in under the same 'it's likely that anyone who wants to seen this has already done so' category as email pass-it-arounds.
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userinfo lnr
2006/01/04 12:59:05
I saw it once, I giggled, I didn't pass it on. Same as any old meme I guess.
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userinfo sarabian
2006/01/04 14:09:37
You mean: "Doesn't this tired meme look tired?"
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userinfo katherine_b
2006/01/04 19:12:32
Oh, God, YES. I thought it was just me.
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I'm tired of being tired… - Squaring the circle...

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