December 31st, 2005

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2005/12/31 17:59:00 - More Honor Harrington
Following on from my earlier reading of Harrington books I've read some more.

74. Weber, David (editor). Worlds of Honor
75. Weber, David (editor). Changer of Worlds

These two short-story collections are books I've only read in ebook (thanks to the free CD of ebooks bound in my hardback edition of War of Honor). There are nine stories between the two of them, and a somewhat better standard than those I was complaining about in More Than Honor. Worlds of Honor's highpoint is probably The Hard Way Home, a story featuring both the young Susan Hibson and Lt. Comm. Harrington. Changer of Worlds has an excellent story by Eric Flint called From the Highlands which is the story that lead eventually to Crown of Slaves.

76. Weber, David. At All Costs

The latest Harrington book. I'm not really sure what I can say about it without dropping spoilers, except that it has a big climatic battle at the end and there are surprises on at least three sides of the war. Oh, and more ridiculous stuff happens to Honor (of course). Still, 'tis lots of fun even if it is silly in places.
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