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"…a London Transport Marie Celeste." [p.19]

71. Magrs, Paul. The Scarlet Empress [EDA#15]

Not content with writing the longest EDA so far (possibly the longest of them all if you don't count Interference), Mr Magrs (the g is silent, by the way) has to write one of the silliest (he doesn't stop here with that tendency). He also introduces a new non-antagonistic Time Lord, or should I say Lady, Iris Wildthyme. Iris is a kind of analogue of the Doctor, except that her TARDIS (a number 22 bus to Putney Green) is just slightly smaller on the inside than out.

Hyspero, on the other hand, is your stereotypical fantasy setting lead by someone whom at best can be described as "morally neutral". Well, stereotypical in the sense of "very bright colours" and "owing more to parody than litcrit". Inevitably the gang have to reunite an adventuring group scattered to the four winds; fight their way to the stronghold of the Scarlet Empress; and rid the realm of her tyrannical hand. Or something.

Fun, but a bit of a drag in a couple of places, and not for those who dislike "silly".
Tags: books 2005, doctor who, eda readthrough, paul magrs
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