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"I know who I am, right. And I know what I want to do." [p.279]

68. Blum, Jonathan & Orman, Kate. Seeing I [EDA#12]

This book finishes the mini-arc started in Longest Day, with the Doctor and Sam reuniting near the end. To some extent the entire book is a framework device for the pile of execrable puns on pages 226/227, but fortunately the rest of it is actually quite good even if you do spend lots of it thinking "was this plot carefully put together to really frustrate the characters in it, or is that just my imagination".

There's a certain amount more moaning about humans messing around with things they don't understand (which causes all sorts of problems, of course) and a lot more activism from Sam, but at the heart of it all the Doctor finds Sam, and Sam finds her justification; so all is well.

Blum and Orman write a good book, but watch out for the inevitable eye-squick (fortunately not on the scale of British Summertime).
Tags: books 2005, doctor who, eda readthrough, jonathan blum, kate orman
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