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Why me?

I've got quite a backlog of read-books that I'll be filling in over the next few days; I'm afraid…

58. Eddings, David. The Diamond Throne
59. Eddings, David. The Ruby Knight
60. Eddings, David. The Sapphire Rose
61. Eddings, David. Domes of Fire
62. Eddings, David. The Shining Ones
63. Eddings, David. The Hidden City

Bread and Butter comfort reading for me really; exactly the thing to read in the run-up to Christmas when real life is actually busy and you don't want to get too distracted by the reading matter :).

I'm not sure there's actually much to say about these; except that they're a lot better than his more-recent work. And the politics is still fun.
Tags: books 2005, david eddings, fantasy
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