December 27th, 2005

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2005/12/27 02:18:00 - So much yuletide, so little time… [1/3]
  • Stranger Than — the Galaxy Quest fic written for me, which is funny and good and I'm too inarticulate to write about it.
  • In Which A New Child Comes To The Forest — The Winnie the Pooh story in which… well you get the idea. A bittersweet tale of growth.
  • Faith — A tale of endings and beginnings for Uncle Andrew the Magician.
  • Another Country — I'm a bit conflicted about this post-The Last Battle story; but nevertheless I think it's one of the weller written pieces I've read so far.
  • On the Balcony — a short Tamuli fic with excellent characterisations of Bevier and Aphrael.
  • Questioning — Dogma; what's it like to be the Lesbian Mother of God?
  • The Running of the Deer and Arthur and Ford's Excellent Misadventure — Hitchhiker's Guide, two stories of Arthur and Ford; the first before the events of the series, the second probably between LTU&E and SL&TFATF

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So much yuletide, so little time… [1/3] - Squaring the circle...

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