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No dragons were harmed in the making of this film

Spoilers lie beneath the cut; not in so much that I believe that any likely to read it are likely to worry about the plot of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire as that some may find their enjoyment of the film reduced by certain pedantic points which I may reveal during the discourse…

Well, I have to admit that I rationally had to expect it to be compressed somewhat, and I was very impressed with the speed at which they got through all of the important bits of the beginning (although I was a little worried at some of the elisions; worries that were to be substantiated later). However the major compactions continued further than I'd've liked; Mad-Eye got less of an introduction than he deserved and the concept of the Triwizard tournament was roundly rushed into. Poor old Ludo Bagman got cut entirely.

I think others have mentioned that they don't remember Beauxbatons being all-girls (in fact, a simple consideration of the numbers suggests that, short of their being at least one other European magical school it cannot be, as Hogwarts has an even split of the sexes), and I'm definitely sure that Durmstrang wasn't all-boys (although it wasn't entirely obvious that they intended it to be represented as such in the film). Whilst I felt that the Beauxbatons entrance into the Great Hall overstereotyped the school, the Durmstrang one just left me with a good sense of good strong Slavic Magic (although further examination of the students would suggest a Mongoloid influence as well). Which reminds me, the arrival of the Durmstrang ship was rather spoiled for me by the beginning of Pirates of the Caribbean…

Throughout the film I felt that very little attention was paid to the ongoing classes (which was true to a lesser extent in the book really), although we got the obligatory explanation of the Unforgivable Curses (in which Moody's Imperio curse was capable of much more than it should be; either that or he was using some kind of levitating magical spider) happened.

The first Triwizard Test seemed over-dramatised (and did we need another over-done Harry Flying sequence?), but the second and third Tests were very well done I think. And I was particularly amused by the Moaning Myrtle bit (which worked a lot better for me than the same scene in the book). The Yule Ball was also rather well done, but can I please remind the Director that Padma Patil is a Ravenclaw not a Gryffindor. Thank-you.

The graveyard scene was slightly-predictably cheesy, but not in a bad way, even if my mind did wander a bit when Voldy started talking about how Harry had survived the first time around.

The ending had rather a feel of and now we have to explain the bits of the plot that were too obscure because we've cut them out, but just to make things worse most of the revelations put into Barty's mouth were in fact obvious from the film anyway. Maybe they weren't to people who were paying less attention?

On the fandom side, I see enough ammunition for both the Harry/Hermione and Hermione/Ron shippers, and expect an upsurge in Neville/Ginny shippers and a sudden spate of "My fandom includes ferretification" animated userpics.

I think there's only one correct way to end this post though...

RIP Cedric Diggory, Triwizard Champion, 1977 - 1995.
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