November 28th, 2005

userinfo senji
2005/11/28 16:48:00 - Introductions
Following a post by marnanel about Cymraeg radar, and on the basis that it's occasionally an interesting thing to do, I feel it to be appropriate to introduce marnanel to </a></b></a>curig and </a></b></a>yrieithydd.

All three thereof are Cambridge people. I know </a></b></a>curig and </a></b></a>yrieithydd through MethSoc and both are Welsh speakers. marnanel on the other hand I think I met via GROGGS, but he had been on the periphery of my friends groups for so long by the point that I started reading his (public) LJ that I'm fairly sure I've encountered him in other contexts as well (possibly even He is "still learning Welsh".
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userinfo marnanel
2005/11/28 18:16:02
Pleased to meet you both!

senji: I can hardly believe I didn't have you friended before!
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userinfo yrieithydd
2005/11/29 23:25:54

Someone who won't think my LJ is unpronounceable!
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userinfo marnanel
2005/11/28 18:18:47
...and it's entirely possible I know you through I was a regular between '97 and '98, and will be again once my chiark account comes through, I hope.
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userinfo senji
2005/11/29 00:17:53
There's not much to be a regular in at the moment, although more mass might cause us to reach critical again. I think most of the discussion has moved to GROGGS and LJ.
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