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No Merci!

I'm sitting in the living room at Relativity (using their wireless for spod) while sitting out in a game of No Merci. It's a slightly strange game where you have a deck with 24 distinct integers randomly distributed between 3 and 35 and 11 counters per person.

Counters count +1 at the end of a round, and cards -X. Whenever there is a face-up card and it is your go you have two choices:
  • Place a counter on the card and relinquish the turn.
  • Take the card and every counter on it and turn a new card.

It's surprisingly hard (and very viscerally game theoretic). ceb won our set-of-rounds, with simont and I joint-second.

Edit: As atreic points out, you only score the lowest card in a continuous run. (So, for example, collecting 34 is a really good idea if you have 33 and 35 already).
Tags: atreic, cards, ceb, games, life, post-pizza, simont

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