October 11th, 2005

userinfo senji
2005/10/11 17:00:00 - Another year gone…
So, I had a birthday yesterday. I didn't do anything particularly special, but it also wasn't a bad day.

</a></b></a>claroscuro got me a dcuk and a cute little teddy bear and a Trinity (RPG) sourcebook. My mother got my some gloves (to replace the ones I appear to have lost); my grandmother sent a cheque which I spent on the new PFH book.
</a></b></a>emperor and </a></b></a>atreic got me this box of Coffeees! From around the world. And my sister got me
what appears to be a large Puzzle Ring. She says that the man who sold it to her hadn't found anyone who could solve it yet (but that she has confidence in my abilities!) I've not seen one quite so large before; which might make it less fiddly :).

More photos can be found here

So, now I can't accuse </a></b></a>emperor of being an old-git for almost another year, but at least I'm the perfect age for it this year.
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userinfo crazyscot
2005/10/11 16:28:21
That looks like a standard 4-piece puzzle ring. I have one, of a slightly different (aesthetic) design; there's a knack to them.

Happy (belated) birthday, btw :)
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userinfo yrieithydd
2005/10/11 16:40:27
Congratulations on being really old™! You're as old as my brother (and I might remember the fact you're 8 months younger and belteshazzar77 is 2 days younger than you)
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userinfo king_of_wrong
2005/10/11 19:17:04
Happy birthday!
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userinfo slakko
2005/10/11 22:53:33
Happy belated birthday Jon!
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