October 10th, 2005

userinfo senji
2005/10/10 21:03:00 - The enemy's gate is down…
51. Card, Orson Scott. Ender's Game
52. Card, Orson Scott. Speaker for the Dead
53. Card, Orson Scott. Xenocide
54. Card, Orson Scott. Children of the Mind

Called The Ender Saga these days, as though it was a tetralogy; this is really a stand-alone novel and a trilogy.

Ender's Game is well worthy of its classic book status (although I'm saddened to see that the cover of this edition makes no mention of the Hugo Awards; did they become unfashionable or something?).

The other three are fairly standard quality SF really; and Xenocide should probably be divided in two to make an actual tetralogy. Card asks some interesting questions about what we mean by "sentient" or "alive" or "person", but his answer is probably a bit mystical for some (and a bit atheistic for others!).
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userinfo emperor
2005/10/10 21:29:41
Is this entry meant to end "and Xenocide"? It doesn't make sense to me.
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userinfo senji
2005/10/10 21:41:02
Oops. There goes LJ tidying up my mistake (missing >) rather than complaning about it (see rants passim).
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userinfo fanf
2005/10/10 21:52:58
"tetralogy" as in terahedron.

The Ender's Game saga is a classic example of a super hero genesis story that should never have been followed-up, but was, and with the usual dire consequences.
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userinfo vitriol_
2005/10/11 09:09:10
I actually rather enjoyed Speaker for the Dead; I thought Card made a good choice to divorce it as far as possible from Ender's Game by giving a very different tone and focus (and setting it millenia later). While its two sequels aren't worth reading, I've always throught SFTD was a good, solid story.
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userinfo angoel
2005/10/16 20:43:33
A quick me too post ;)

Although Xenocide isn't that bad, if you only think of it as a story about the girl in the other world. It's the tie to SFTD and the horribly forced conclusion that left me disappointed.
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userinfo morganmuffle
2005/10/10 23:33:43
I loved Ender's Game the short story, really enjoyed the book and then got less and less impressed with the sequels until I'm not sure I actually finished CChildren of the Mind which I never normally do.
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userinfo vyvyan
2005/10/11 11:31:41
I've read the first two but never got round to obtaining the later ones. I have read other Card, though. I'm surprised he comes across as atheistic in some of these - isn't he a devout Mormon or something?
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