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What if…

50. Anderson, Kevin J. and Beason, Doug. The Trinity Paradox

…you had the chance to change the path of history as you know it?

Elizabeth Devane is given this chance after she was shot fifty years into the past and the middle of the Manhattan Project. But, inevitably, she finds that it's not so easy to change history and preserve that of the future she believes in. The end can hardly surprise anyone who understands narrative structure, but there are some surprises along the way; and the authors have at least done their research.

A captivating and technically accurate journey back in time – of what might have happened if the American and German atomic bomb projects had been pursued differently.
– Arnold Kramish, former Manhattan Project scientist

Perhaps. But the writing's not brilliant. Fairly good escapist stuff though.
Tags: books 2005, doug beason, kevin j. anderson, time-travel

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