October 10th, 2005

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2005/10/10 20:04:00 - First of a New Breed
49. Wallace, Nick. Fear Itself

The first new eighth-Doctor novel, now a PDA. This book slots in after Earthworld which I guess makes it #43.5 (and I'll read it again when I've got to that point in my readthrough), and features Anji and Fitz.

It's also one of the best EDAs that I've read. Anji, Fitz and the Doctor, caught up in a war they don't understand in the 22nd century. It's almost a classic plot; but with a host of writing tricks and scene/time-frame cuts that elevate it above the run of the mill, and the characterisation is excellent. In particular I've never really liked Anji, but this book rounds off her character that much better than many of the others have and, whilst I still don't like her, I have a better feeling for who she is that I have before. Fitz of course comes through stunningly, but by now he has to be the most studied Who companion ever (with the possible exception of Susan?), and a mistake with him would be unforgivable.

In summary, I've left out much of the detail here because, if you're a Who fan at all, you should read this book.
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