October 7th, 2005

userinfo senji
2005/10/07 14:14:00 - email annoyance

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userinfo hairyears
2005/10/07 14:41:39

I always find this kind of email useful: it labels the senders as useless tossers and I know that need not and should not wase any further time with them.

Does you e-mail provider have a 'This is SPAM' report?

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userinfo senji
2005/10/07 14:43:24
I'm a bit wary of accusing them of being spam since I'm not sure that I didn't actually interact with them in the past in a manner in which emailing me (even wrongheadedly) would be appropriate.
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userinfo the_s_guy
2005/10/07 17:03:52
If they're a genuine firm, you could always use a throwaway account and a form letter - "Thank you for sending out this email (with personal information deleted) which clearly marks your organisation as technologically incompetent. I now know not to use your services or recommend them to my friends. In these confusing times, it's always useful to receive such clear declarations of ignorance. I'll be sure to check out your competitors."
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