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185/274 Mill Hill East (15-25 mins late?)

The second-most irritating station of the day, Mill Hill East is a strange spur caused by the collapse of the Northern Heights development plan during the post-war years. If that plan had been completed then this spur would in fact be the main route along this branch, connecting with the other branch at Edgware and continuing beyond. As it is the High Barnet spur is now the major destination for this branch.

In practice this means that to be able to tick Mill Hill East off our list we have to wait for one of the every 10 minutes trains, and then wait on a dreary one-platform station until the train returns to Finchley Central again (whereupon we can get on a High Barnet train to complete the Northern Line).

We had a 12 minute wait for the train at Finchley Central, but did run into another team who are more like 100 mins late. Did give us the chance for a toilet break at FC though.
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