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69/274 Paddington (H&C) (16 mins late)

We're now approaching Edgware Road. Described by Geoff as "the 'Bermuda Triangle' of the tube system", the naïve user of the tube system would expect Edgware Road to be quite simple. At first glance it consists of two island platforms serving four tracks – the two outside tracks forming part of the Circle and Hammersmith and City routes and the inside tracks forming part of the District.

If this was actually true then the biggest problem would be determining which District train was leaving next, but unfortunately operational realities tend to intervene and trains occasionally get put whereever there is space. We're scheduled to arrive just after the Morning Peak, so some degree of chaos is likely. To add to the confusion, all three lines here use C-stock trains (the highly-recognisable D-stock as used elsewhere on the District isn't permitted north of High Street Kensington) so there is no easy visual identification of the trains.

From personal experience it's far too easy to decide that the train you want is on the other platform, just miss it, run back to your starting platform and almost miss the train on that side too. Lets hope we avoid that.

This is going to be the only leg of our journey where we take a train from one terminus to another – along the "Wimbleware" branch of the District line.
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