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62/274 Hammersmith (H&C) (16 mins late)

Having traveled across the whole of the southern part of the Circle, we arrive at Earl's Court for the first time of the day, we'll be back here twice again. This time we're trying to get to Kensington (Olympia). Now, I thought ELL drivers were likely to get bored, well the Olympia drivers have an even worse time – two trains shuttle back and forth between High Street Kensington and Olympia, providing four services to Olympia every hour. Inconveniently they aren't spaced out at 15 minute intervals (for reasons relating to other train movements at Earl's Court) and to make things worse if there are a shortage of District Line drivers when the Morning Peak ends (at about 10am) then they take one of the trains off this route. For this reason we're getting here early, and the Plan says that there should be a train here about 3 minutes after we arrive.

After we've got to Olympia we will walk to Hammersmith – probably the longest walk we'll do all day. Hammersmith, like Edgware Road, Paddington and Shepherd's Bush, has two seperate stations on different lines, and they're all on this next segment which ends at Edgware Road.

Being 9 minutes late at Westminter, we popped out for the toilets, getting to Earl's Court in time for the subsequent Olympia train. We were lucky enough to get a bus from Olympia to Hammersmith, but we're still 16 mins late leaving Hammersmith.
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