Senji (senji) wrote,

45/274 Shoreditch (12 mins late)

This is one of the busiest bits of the route. Shoreditch station is only open during the morning peak and (slightly longer during) the evening peak. Also, we have to pick off Stepney Green here as well (it's fairly traditional to get Aldgate East as part of doing this end of the Circle anyway). So, we've pulled into Aldgate (on the Metropolitan Line train we caught at Great Portland Street), and then done the rush from there to Aldgate East (which sane people never have to do).

Barely have we sat down on our train than we're jumping up again to change onto the East London Line to collect Shoreditch. Fortunately Shoreditch is one of three termini with only one platform so we can sit on the train whilst the driver has a fag and walks to the other end of the train to head south (driving trains on the ELL must be one of the most boring jobs ever), then we pull back into Whitechapel again about 7 minutes after we left and hoist ourselves back up to the SSL platforms for another brief jaunt towards Upminster only to get of the train again at Stepney Green, turn around and head back into town. What a lot of faff.

We had to wait 5 mins for any train at Great Portland Street, and that one wasn't going to Barking, so we ended up 10 mins late at Aldgate, and 12 now.
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