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16/274 Northwick Park (On time)

Barely have we boarded a train at West Harrow than we're getting off it again at Preston Road. We double back here so that we can walk from Northwick Park to Kenton. It's also possible to walk from Preston Road to South Kenton, but the other is shorter which has to be a good thing.

We then proceed North one stop, and turn around at Harrow & Wealdstone, joining our fourth train of slightly surprised commuters of the day, heading into London. It'll be over thirty minutes before I expect any of us to alight this train, so we get a bit of a rest for a while. I expect most people to change at Padington (for the Hammersmith and City), Baker Street (for any number of possibilities) or south of the river (for the Jubilee or Northern lines), but just to be awkward we are going to alight at Regent's Park.

Regent's Park is 4-5 minutes brisk walk from Great Portland Street, and one minute closer to Baker Street than GPS, thus it takes 5-x minutes more to go this way than to change at Baker Street, where x is the length of time taken to change there. Now, Baker Street at 8:20am is likely to be rather busy, also we want either a Circle or Metropolitan Eastbound train, which leave from different platforms and it's very easy to miss one if you look the wrong way first. Since the service frequency long this section of line is about one train every other minute I don't expect to miss more than one train by doing this, possibly none.

In addition we then have Regent's Park under our belt, which will be very usefil if we go to plan B later on in the day. (Plan A unfortunately has us passing through it again later).

West Harrow was "Organised Chaos" in the words of the driver!
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