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3/274 Chesham (on time)

Dawn rises softly across London. It takes 4 minutes to pass from Upminster to Amersham; a journey that it makes every day without fail, to schedule, and about 22 times faster than TfL are willing to promise.

As it passes over the metropolis it sees little out of the ordinary until, just before it reaches it's destination, it passes over a train departing Chesham Underground station. Usually a sleepy suburb spur, Chesham platform is usually adorned by a couple of hard-working commuters at this time in the morning, but today there were briefly about 4 score intruders; a motley band of adventurers on the unusual mission to visit 274 tube stations during the course of one working day.

Chesham is their third station; they started at Amersham at 5:28am and traveled here via Chalfont and Latimer. They had been standing on the station for almost 10 minutes now and have just reboard the train to resume their journey towards Central London.

</a></b></a>emperor and I are part of this mad venture. I'll be blogging our progress at irregular intervals whilst we are above ground.

If it wasn't for the fact that it's horribly early in the morning and we aren't awake yet, Chesham would probably be the most irritating station on the map; as it is I place Shoreditch and Mill Hill East ahead of it, and Kensington (Olympia) just behind. The line-section between Chalfont and Latimer and Chesham takes 8 minutes to travel, making it the longest such segment on the map; and we have to travel it in both ways. Fortunately early trains tend to run to schedule, so we don't have to wait 20 minutes for a train up here.

We started with last minute directions from Geoff, and a group photo, then all piled on to the first tube of the morning for a four minute stretch to C&L, where we were probably the most exciting thing all morning! Chesham was predictably boring.
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