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peeeeeeet's meme (not final wisdom)

Questions from </a></b></a>mst3kgirl:
Which tube line is damerell?
The Circle – it travels long distances for minimal long-term gains, is self-contained and has no plans for expansion.
How is ohsweetwastrel going to save the world?
Excessive cuteness and cake
What type of biscuit is onionpixie?
Hmm. A Lemon Puff, perhaps?
sesquipedality: rock star, symphony conductor, or tone deaf?
Rock Star, definitely :-)
Which over-the-counter medication would stealth_banana be?
Nicotinell, rolled up and smoked in the hope of getting an illicit fag-equivilent.

From </a></b></a>enismirdal:
What would be your first thought if you saw </a></b></a>emperor's foot poking out of a snowdrift right now?
Well, I'm not sure how I'd know, but probably "Eeep!" whatever….
Which planet of the solar system is most like </a></b></a>garath_jj?
Hmm, I have little idea. Pluto – I don't know it very well.
What Hogwart's House would you expect </a></b></a>paleshadow to be sorted into?
He's either a Gryph or a Slyth, but I'm not sure which
How many fingers is </a></b></a>andrewwyldgonzo holding up?
He's probably gesticulating with all of them, to be honest. :-)
If you gave </a></b></a>pavanne a turbo-charged tractor and set her loose on the streets of Cambridge, what would be the likely outcome?
Assuming it was an Eco-Friendly Turbo-Charged Tractor, then I expect she'd go on a major Green Cruisade with it, otherwise it might be messy and involve bits of tractor spread across Cambridge…

From </a></b></a>ilanin:
Which Sidereal charm is most reminiscent of </a></b></a>requiem_17_23? For the purposes of this question, assume that he is here, wherever that is.
Marvelous Inclusion of Details
How broad is the radar cross-section of stealth_banana?
The classification status of this information is beyond your need-to-know.
Due to a clerical error, </a></b></a>enismirdal is appointed to the House of Lords. What title does she take?
Marchioness of Laurelindórinan
A fierce green snake bars damerell's way! How does he overcome it?
One, two! One, two! And through and through
The vorpal blade went snicker-snack!
He left it dead, and with its head
He went galumphing back.
The men in black helicopters are coming for </a></b></a>toothycat. What do they know, and why can't it be allowed to spread?
They disovered that the world outside England is a consensual hallucination, a truely threatening discovery.

From </a></b></a>claroscuro:
What sort of butterfly does sheepyrai most resemble?
I don't think butterflies come in creative varieties.
fhtagn: old or bold?
Cold, sinister, and necromantic? :)
What would the weather be like in the film of </a></b></a>rmc28's autobiography?
Who would sarabian's nine wives be?
He's already got one, so hopefully some people who get on with her! :-)
What sort of books would </a></b></a>teut stock if he ran a bookshop?
Draconic ones!
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