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It's the extrememly wonderful meme peeeeeeet invented
1) Alert me to yourself.
2) I will pick five people on your flist and ask some questions about them. But they will be good questions like "if jekesta were made of peanut butter, would she be crunchy or smooth?"
3) You then bung this new meme in your LJ, thus making peeeeeeet a famous meme creator.

I have to wonder if becoming a famous meme creator is final wisdom, but…

Questions from userinfomorganmuffle:
Which number would userinfoemperor pick if asked for a random number?
Well, he's not a squeeeing hitchhiker's fanboy, so we'll probably rule out 42. Probably either sixty-nine or seven.
If userinfothe_aviator had to chose between tea, coffee and hot chocolate which would he pick?
I'm not sure, but I think the ectype calls out for Hot Cocoa.
What time of day is most like userinfoclaroscuro?
What a surreal question. 2am. Suitably gothy, but not entirely predictable :-)
Where would userinfoewx's ideal house be?
Good question. Mars, evidently, after he's ridded it of those pesky Martians
Where would you most like to visit with userinfoangelofthenorth?
Being with friends is more important than being somewhere with friends. "with" and "where" are almost orthogonal, even....
Tags: angelofthenorth, claroscuro, emperor, ewx, jekesta, meme, morganmuffle, peeeeeeet, questions, silly, the_aviator
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