Senji (senji) wrote,

"Not Afraid" Tube Challenge Day

Later this summer </a></b></a>emperor and I will be joining a whole bunch of other people to attempt to visit every open station on the tube, in one day.

We are doing this in aid of the London Bombings Relief charity and to an extent to show that we aren't afraid of getting blown up by terrorists (and in my case at least because I'm a loon and would like to have a shot at the record some day).

If you'd like to sponsor us then there is an online sponsorship doodad at JustGiving (who do, it appears, take a cut; but I'm happy to take their suggestion that it also makes life easier for charities) or you could accost me and get me to get you to put your moniker on a physical sponsorship form. It's up to you.

For obvious reasons, TfL don't want the actual date becoming public knowledge beforehand!
Tags: 274, emperor, tube, tube bombings, tube challenge

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