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A Grand Time of Things

Well, this is my 1,000th entry, and quite a lot has happened on the way to it.

I started off with a fairly traditional:
I don't expect to write very much here in general, but we shall see, and hopefully I should be able to keep up with what's going on in my friends' lives easier...

but it was fairly evident even early on that I wasn't going to live up to that very well as I posted 30 entries in the first two months.

Initially my postings were mainly life-stuff and memes. March 2nd and 28th saw my first musings on books (childrens books, as it happens), and April 18th my first film review.

Also in April 2003 I got embroiled in an lj-rpg aparecium_rpg in which I played Susan Bones, creating the journal bouncysusan for this purpose. The game sort of dissolved around Christmas of that year though.

The Interview Meme first struck me in July 2003, and around the same time I started doing "End of Week" posts with that week's silly quiz memes, and a little summary of who I'd friended; my to-do list and what I was reading a the time. The summary of fiends-movement lasted the longest, but I've stopped doing all these things like that now.

Small-world-effect got it's first mention in July 2003, and has carried on having short posts related to it ever since.

And then on August 7th I posted this entry which prompts someone to pay for me to have a Paid Account, and my posting rate increases significantly. Including silly polls.

In September I try to start up a Play By LJ board game, but am an insufficiency of effort.

December sees me asking people to ask me to write drabbles for them; which then get posted over the next month or so.

January 2004 has my first photo in an lj entry, and my journa's first anniversary.

Some time around March I realise that it's easier to find old lj entries if they have a title; almost regardless of what the title is, even if it's surreal (possibly particularly if it's surreal). And by April I've started giving every entry a title.

May 2004 sees me starting to list and review books that I'm reading which peters out after a while but I pick it up again at the beginning of this year (and will be writing some more such posts soon), and my first political post.

From this point in, the politics gets more frequent (with US and UK elections), the silly-quiz memes pretty much die out and I start posting more entries with photos in. Tagged entries currently start in the middle of October 2004, but I'm slowly pushing that back to the beginning of the Journal. Life-diary style posts have also decreased quite a bit.

Around the 2005 UK election I did a series of reviews of flyers that I recieved; including scans; and then the big topic for this month has been the Tube Bombings of 7th and 21st July.

In general I seem to be writing more short-silly posts and more long posts (media reviews, or op-ed pieces often) and less "I went to the supermarket and bought some coffee". Over the course of 1,000 posts there are two Private posts, and a small handful of Friends Only ones that give away who I am precisely (something I generally avoid doing). I've gained 31 userpics since my first post, a Biography, and a set of Policies.

I occasionally muse that if I was starting today then I'd write my own blogging software, rather than use lifejournal – but there's little incentive to change now that I have two years of history here. I don't find the LJ interface too bad, particularly not since as a Paid User stooled to the programming roost I can redact some problems with S2. I've also almost hit 200 Fiends, of whom almost 150 are mutual, and I posted my 6000th comment this morning.

At the current trend I expect it'll take about 18 months to write the next 1000 entries, and I hope they'll be an interesting set. I think I like the direction my blogging is moving in, but who can predict where we'll go next?
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