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Five More Questions

</a></b></a>ilanin points out that I never answered the questions he asked me, so...

What are your memories of the Isle of Axholme like?
Well, I had to consult a map to find the actual boundaries of the Isle (which are of course ill-defined in some directions), but my conclusion is "indistinct". Most of my distinct memories of the region are set in Yorkshire, which (AFAICT is entirely outside the Isle. OTOH I know I have visited places (notably Epworth) which are within the Isle, but I don't appear to have strong memories of such incidents.
Aubrey or Maturin? Why?
Yes. Both. Well, Aubrey is little use for anything that doesn't involve a boat, some guns, and a military chain of command, so I might have to err on the side of Maturin, who has an inquisitive outlook on life even if he is occasionally a bit silly.
Why are many of your meme posts titled "sheep"?
One of my fiends started that – it's because they tend to induce flock-behaviour amongst people.
Why is it that your roleplaying characters seem to have a remarkably elevated mortality rate?
Don't ask me.
When did you decide that starting IM conversations with "Moo" was a good idea? Why? Does it provoke many silly responses?
That's the fault of the people who answer a civilised *waves* with *particles*…. It does sometimes run into long-winded exchanges consisting entirely of animal noises, however.

I'm sure you know the score by now about asking if you want questions…
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