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More through luck than ring-lore, and discussions on CCGs

I spent the weekend playing CCGs. Lord of the Rings CCG on Saturday and Netrunner on Sunday. I did abysmally in the Netrunner tourney (of 5, APA), which was a bit sad.

The LotR I'd been drafted into to make up numbers, and consisted of a draft and a constructed tourney - one of the other players played my enterance fee and ended up with my cards. Lots of fun, particularly since I came 4th and 2nd respectively.

It's a better game than it might've been, but it provides a good vantage point for my favourite rant in the area - Card Art. Card Art is important, it helps to draw people in, and helps make mediocre games playable. Decipher have done a generally good job with their cards, but there are places where I think they could've done better. For instance, the game currently has 5 cards depicting Éowyn - [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]. The first of this is a Promo card, so isn't generally available. Now, (and this is all IMHO from this point on), Number 5 out of that lot is the image that best portraies Éowyn, either as Tolkien presents her, or as she's presented in the film - however, it is obvious why they picked it for the Éowyn's Sword picture.

3 and 4 both give unflattering images of her - these are the Éowyn cards in the standard Two Towers set, and even 2 isn't an amazingly good picture; I remember better ones from the film (particularly from the Helm's Deep sections, and since 2 is from the Helm's Deep expansion I'd expect to see a picture from that part of the film there. As you might have gathered by now, 1 is the only Éowyn card that I actually like, and that's entirely on the strength of the picture - the thematics of the card are wrong; that picture would go better with the Daughter of Éomund (2) card-text - since it presents a different side of her character than the 'usual' one.

They could also have done a better job of matching flavour-text up with pictures, but... *shrugs*. Éowyn is just an example though - I could make similar disections of the Arwen and Aragorn cards (although I saw a less representative collection of those while playing), and probably others as well...

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