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to love, and to cherish,

Today, in the eyes of God and of the Law, </a></b></a>rmc28 and </a></b></a>fanf were Wed.

The day started uneventfully enough, with </a></b></a>emperor and I going shopping while </a></b></a>atreic make Athol Brose. Oh, and </a></b></a>claroscuro and </a></b></a>curig left earlyish for Peterhouse. A fairly leisurely lunch was followed by dressing for the wedding. A number of people commented on my tie during the day; it's the rather large Balthus knot, number 78 in The 85 Ways to Tie a Tie, which I quite like. Then </a></b></a>atreic and I headed towards Relativity to leave the food we had. Once there we decided that we were rather early, and I left </a></b></a>atreic to the wiles of the Relativists and Dutchmen while I went to Clowns for a drink (I was beginning to feel a little anti-social, which fortunately wore off).

The ceremony itself took place in Trinity College chapel. It's very empty for a college chapel, and (while we awaited the Bride and Groom) I kept finding myself wanting to rise and address the Members of the House. My brain is silly sometimes. In a break with tradition the Bride and Groom entered simultaneously (to Mussorgsky's Promenade from Pictures at an Exhibition).

Amusingly, but aptly, they had a reading from Mort.

Their second hymn (Father, hear the prayer we offer) isn't one I recognise, but it reminds me very much of the Covenant Prayer. I approve.

In Great Court afterwards everyone was blowing bubbles – confetti isn't allowed – it was great fun.

</a></b></a>antinomy, </a></b></a>emperor, </a></b></a>p_a_r_a, </a></b></a>ptc24, </a></b></a>sesquipedality, and I had a brief interlude in the Carlton and then we proceeded to the Arbury Community Centre, where the reception was. In a mere hour the three bridesmaids had transformed it into a party venue (good work on their part!), and on the tables were rock with "RMC / 9 JULY / FANF" through the middle and </a></b></a>rmc28's cute userpic of the two of them on the tickets, which were some of the best favours I've heard of.

Many conversations were had. I caught-up with songster and Julie, and met some people I've not seen for a while. And then one of those Small World moments hit. I was talking with "one of the Irish contingent" (as he described himself; I've forgotten his name, I'm afraid). No, I should go back and narrate this in order.

Let's wind the clock back to Thursday lunchtime. We all know what happened on Thursday. Well, one lj post I saw was this one from </a></b></a>meallanmouse. "OK," I thought, "I'm unlikely to be any help, but it can't hurt to spend 5 seconds looking to see if we have any mutual friends". Lots of afp names I recognise, and I make some inquiries on #afp, to little avail, but after a short-while someone else comments with helpful information. I consider this an interesting interlude at this stage. Friday, bofhcam and </a></b></a>rmc28 are talking on #chiark about wedding guests when one of them happens to mention ai731, and my ears prick up a bit.

Anyway, back to the Irish contingan, so the conversation moves on to how everyone has connections, and they're not always expected, so I comment that a friend of mine in Canada (</a></b></a>meallanmouse) has friends who are supposed to be here today. He then drags me across the reception and introduces me to ai731, who later introduces me to baronscartop, and the three of us talk for some time.

The bring and share reception came off better than I expected, and I expected fairly highly. </a></b></a>rmc28 and </a></b></a>fanf looked stunning (they'd gone for Indian styles, I think), and the only hitch I noticed in the whole day was that the ceremony was slightly delayed because the Registry Book was late arriving from another wedding!

Oh, and the Bride's brother caught the bouquet. I'm sure that's unconstitutional…
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