Senji (senji) wrote,

End of (last) Week...

Where did I meet you...

agenticarus: Laserquest, I think. Or not at all
alais (aka gioiaverdi): Came over to the UK for a while, and made time to come and visit some of us in Cambridge (yay). 1999 or 2000, IIRC
aldabra: GROGGS garden party, 1999?
amgb2: Laserquest, apparantly, although I've lost track of who's who
angelofthenorth: Lent 1999, on Dot's recommendation, as a person to leave Isobel-the-spider-plant with over the holiday
angoel: CUSFS, probably in New Hall bar
angua: Parties at Greenend and Impropriety
antinomy: CUSFS I think, but it could've been a party
aquarionics (Aquarion's blog's RSS feed): tEC2, Badby, Notts
atreic: The Castle Inn, pre Amber-one-off, Summer 2002
beckyc: A party, I think
ceb: Assassins, IIRC, but it could've been CUSFS
cjwatson: The First Borratan Council Meeting, Castle Inn
claroscuro: Methsoc
crazyscot: SGO Party, sometime
damerell: Veizla, 1999
davefish: SGO Party
emperor: We couldn't decide. Probably a squash, or CTS or CUSFS meeting, or meet.
ewx: afp/ meet
fanf: afp/ meet
fivemack: SGO Party
fluffymormegil: Tristan's first session of Secrets of the Past Returned (Amber campaign), in the Gallery in Christ's
hoiho: SGO Party, at Greenend
j4: SGO Party, at Relativity
kaet: GROGGS garden party, I think, probably 1999.
khendon: tEC2, I think, but I can't find a photo with him on, so it might've been tEC3.
lalajia: tEC1, Maeshafn, Wales. (Table-dancing Dryad)
lark_ascending: SGO Party
lnr: afp/ meet
meirion: SGO Party or GROGGS garden party
mjg59 (aka sys64738): SRCF
mobbsy: GROGGS garden party, 1999, or CUSFS earlier that year. Arguably two years before that in the TH computer room, but I don't think we actually like had any real conversations :)
mpinna: Pizza
mtbc100: Borders, this year.
naath: CUSFS meeting, House!, late last year.
nassus: SGO Party
ptc24: Probably the same time as emperor?
rejs: Party, Foundation.
rho: afp meet in the Castle, briefly.
robinbloke: emperor's RMSS campaign
sarabian: tEC1. (To the left of Colin and Ce')
sciolist: Borders, this year.
senji: 10, 10, 1977
simont: SGO Party
sion_a: SGO Party
songster: afp meet
sphyg: SGO Party
teleute: CUSFS
theinquisitor: Tristan's Terminus Arcadium campaign
timeplease: SGO Party
vyvyan: CUSFS

of_evangeline,chess,dysartes,meallanmouse,from (aka marnanel),imago,mctabby,mhw,pavanne,pto452,slytherincesss,the_lady_lily,trakkie,zeft: Never met, I think.

aparecium_ooc,aparecium_rpg,apod,calnhobbes,drfun,fitz_is_stupid,games_puzzles,iain_banks,news,nomic,nomicity,punctuators,secondage,uk_assassins,unusual_words: Not persons.

New friends since last week: aquarionics, lalajia, punctuators, sarabian
Friends removed since last week: theonionfeed
New readers since last week: sarabian

[Edit: Moved rho into the met catagory, updated mobbsy]
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