July 21st, 2003

userinfo senji
2003/07/21 17:02:00 - End of (last) Week...
Where did I meet you...

agenticarus: Laserquest, I think. Or not at all
alais (aka gioiaverdi): Came over to the UK for a while, and made time to come and visit some of us in Cambridge (yay). 1999 or 2000, IIRC
aldabra: GROGGS garden party, 1999?
amgb2: Laserquest, apparantly, although I've lost track of who's who
angelofthenorth: Lent 1999, on Dot's recommendation, as a person to leave Isobel-the-spider-plant with over the holiday
angoel: CUSFS, probably in New Hall bar
angua: Parties at Greenend and Impropriety
antinomy: CUSFS I think, but it could've been a party
aquarionics (Aquarion's blog's RSS feed): tEC2, Badby, Notts
atreic: The Castle Inn, pre Amber-one-off, Summer 2002
beckyc: A party, I think
ceb: Assassins, IIRC, but it could've been CUSFS
cjwatson: The First Borratan Council Meeting, Castle Inn
claroscuro: Methsoc
crazyscot: SGO Party, sometime
damerell: Veizla, 1999
davefish: SGO Party
emperor: We couldn't decide. Probably a squash, or CTS or CUSFS meeting, or ucam.chat meet.
ewx: afp/ucam.chat meet
fanf: afp/ucam.chat meet
fivemack: SGO Party
fluffymormegil: Tristan's first session of Secrets of the Past Returned (Amber campaign), in the Gallery in Christ's
hoiho: SGO Party, at Greenend
j4: SGO Party, at Relativity
kaet: GROGGS garden party, I think, probably 1999.
khendon: tEC2, I think, but I can't find a photo with him on, so it might've been tEC3.
lalajia: tEC1, Maeshafn, Wales. (Table-dancing Dryad)
lark_ascending: SGO Party
lnr: afp/ucam.chat meet
meirion: SGO Party or GROGGS garden party
mjg59 (aka sys64738): SRCF
mobbsy: GROGGS garden party, 1999, or CUSFS earlier that year. Arguably two years before that in the TH computer room, but I don't think we actually like had any real conversations :)
mpinna: Pizza
mtbc100: Borders, this year.
naath: CUSFS meeting, House!, late last year.
nassus: SGO Party
ptc24: Probably the same time as emperor?
rejs: Party, Foundation.
rho: afp meet in the Castle, briefly.
robinbloke: emperor's RMSS campaign
sarabian: tEC1. (To the left of Colin and Ce')
sciolist: Borders, this year.
senji: 10, 10, 1977
simont: SGO Party
sion_a: SGO Party
songster: afp meet
sphyg: SGO Party
teleute: CUSFS
theinquisitor: Tristan's Terminus Arcadium campaign
timeplease: SGO Party
vyvyan: CUSFS

of_evangeline,chess,dysartes,meallanmouse,from (aka marnanel),imago,mctabby,mhw,pavanne,pto452,slytherincesss,the_lady_lily,trakkie,zeft: Never met, I think.

aparecium_ooc,aparecium_rpg,apod,calnhobbes,drfun,fitz_is_stupid,games_puzzles,iain_banks,news,nomic,nomicity,punctuators,secondage,uk_assassins,unusual_words: Not persons.

New friends since last week: aquarionics, lalajia, punctuators, sarabian
Friends removed since last week: theonionfeed
New readers since last week: sarabian

[Edit: Moved rho into the met catagory, updated mobbsy]

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userinfo mobbsy
2003/07/21 10:06:58
I first saw you in the Tit Hall computer room in 1996 or '97, but that might now count as meeting.
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userinfo pavanne
2003/07/21 10:18:15
agenticarus has met you? I'm jealous :)

Out of interest, why/ how do you remove friends? Is it just because their ljs become inactive?
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userinfo senji
2003/07/22 02:08:01
You should've gone to the lqings that I did :).

In the case of the onionfeed, it was because I'd got slightly fed up of The Onion and needed the RSS points to include Aquarionics.

Plausibly, in the future, it might be because they tend to say things I'm not interested in / that annoy me. If they just go inactive I probably won't notice :). I don't think I've removed any real-person fiends yet.

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userinfo rho
2003/07/21 10:22:40
We were at an afpmeet together once, at the castle iirc. I don't remember talking to you much, but we almost certainly exchanged a couple of words or were part of the same conversation at some point.
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userinfo senji
2003/07/22 02:08:16
Good point.


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