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15minuteficlets - Unanticipated visitor

15minuteficlets again. I'm not too happy with this one, but the word didn't really suit to following up the previous one so I branched a bit.

There was something in her bearing that made her stand out, even more so than the slightly bluish tint of her skin. Aram couldn't put a word to it, but it was like Nelor when he was taking something seriously, or like a couple of the older villagers who'd seen the world in one of the local Lord's armies.

Nonetheless, she was just a visitor; walking through the village, apparently looking for someone. She'd stop every few houses and ask someone for directions, then head off again with a spring in her step. She was coming towards him. Something about her, perhaps that way she stood out, told him that he didn't really want to talk to her. He jumped off the balcony he was lounging on and half-ran to the old-barn, a good vantage to observe the village from; but out of her apparent path.

A few minutes later he was glad he had. She was evidently approaching Nelor's house, and the puzzle-pieces were beginning to put themselves together in his mind. Looking around he thought he could see the marks of a campsite on the horizon, a campsite that would be too large for one traveller but perhaps better suited for five.

She didn't even stop to knock on the door, but scouted quickly around the building, looking through all the windows before bursting in. Aram knew what she'd find; Nelor had left three days ago -- not telling anyone where he went or for what purpose.

Still, Aram had at least some ideas about where Nelor might go, and he really didn't want to hang around the village if a Brotherhood was in town. He picked his way through the long grasses around the eastern side of the village, stopping only to pick up his hunting kit, and headed north towards the territory of the Lunars.
Tags: 15minuteficlets, exalted, fiction
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