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"…we were just made for each other." [p.276]

33. Dicks, Terrance. The Eight Doctors [EDA#1]

A bit of a melange this one. Evidently intended to bring people into the whole Doctor Who thing, and to give people who remember bits of the TV series things to latch onto. It's a little disappointing not to see any Daleks in the quick run through that we get, but they'll get mentioned soon enough.

A lot of the book is scene-setting for the series really. There are a reasonably large number of hints and foreshadowings (although I wonder how many of the foreshadowings are really things that have been worked into more substantive things later on), and Dicks manages to give us a feeling for the Eighth Doctor's personality in the process. We also get a nice introduction to Gallifrey that won't feel out of place to old hands, but which nevertheless includes new development.

And, of course, we get our first vague sketching of the New Companion – Sam(antha) Jones. Young and unsure of herself, but evidently willing to stand up for at least some of the things she believes in.
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