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To round off the series…

31. Cole, Stephen. To The Slaughter
32. Parkin, Lance. The Gallifrey Chronicles

These two round out the EDA series. In both of them Fitz and Trix get lots of quality air-time, and the Doctor is (comparatively) background. To The Slaughter is a bit on the mediocre side – of the Doctor unearths a conspiracy and saves some stuff variety. The Gallifrey Chronicles is very much a tie up all the loose ends volume. We do get to discover part of why Trix acts so strangely, but the Grand Master Plan to resurrect Gallifrey that's been rumoured in fandom for some time turns out to be rather hogwash. Still, they're both enjoyable books, and (unlike many people) I like the ending of The Gallifrey Chronicles; even if the entire book kept on giving me So Long And Thanks For All The Fish flashbacks.

I've also picked up a second-hand The Shadows of Avalon, so I hopefully have a complete EDA collection. Next thing to do is to collate it, ensure it's all there, and then rattle through the whole thing as quickly as possible – some of the books on that list I haven't read since 1997….

What I can't find right now, is a comprehensive list of EDAs in order. If I can't find one I'll have to make a Wikipedia page….
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