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OK, so here's a list of characteristics...

  • Frequently described as beautiful, but unable to see it
  • Solves an impossible problem (once) in the first couple of chapters and is then punished for it, but comes out of that punishment better off than she started
  • Everyone either:
    • Likes her
    • Dislikes her, but comes to like her
    • Hates her and is killed
    • Hates her and is a scumbag
  • She has a rare variety of pet
  • Actually, make that a symbiosis with an alien sophont
  • By the end of the third book she's:
    • received the Personal Thanks of the Monarch four times
    • become a hereditary noble in two different states
    • had three ships practically blown away underneath her
  • Over the course of a 10 year war in a society with life-spans 2-3 times longer than ours she rises from Captain JG to Admiral in two different Navies
  • She's genetically modified, supposedly a major social faux pas but noöne leaks this information to her political opposition
  • She goes from ingenue to political mastermind in about 3 years
  • Dropped on a planet of religious misogynists she gains almost total respect within the course of months
  • Even the best minds in the enemy's forces like her!
  • And I could go on…

Is this person a Mary-Sue?


Do you know who I am talking about?

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