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Superceding the Reeve

So, on Friday, after having a wonderfully rainy and wet day, 0x20 of us proceeded to New Hall for the annual CUSFS/Jómsborg mead reception and dinner. </a></b></a>ceb had produced a seating puzzle involving wooden-blocks with pictures on, and a pair of adjectives for each person. I was given a star, and the adjectives Stellar and Six-Legged.

Seating I found myself between </a></b></a>atreic and </a></b></a>ewx. For the menus this year I had done my home work and produced about 1400 words of microfiction which I'd printed on labels and stuck into menus; having to resort to a pen only for my name and the people I hadn't been sufficiently organised for. Fortune smiled on me, and I was able to scribble congratulations in the Y-Reeve's menu just after he was raised.

</a></b></a>cartesiandaemon found himself the new Omnipotent being for the year, making me now the V-Reeve (hmm, these letters get smaller every year…). And I got pouncehugged by Louise, and less enthusiastically by other people. And whilst my excuse didn't get a standing ovation, it didn't go down badly.

All in all a very enjoyable, and well organised, evening.

Well, actually 0x1d initially, 0x2 of whom turned up later and one was eventually absent.
Well, including two haiku, a limerick and a resetting of the Jómsvikingar Saga as a sonnet. And unfortunately this was only 20 pieces :(.
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