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Interests meme

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Based on the lj interests lists of those who share my more unusual interests, the interests suggestion meme thinks I might be interested in
1. real ale score: 11
2. steven brust score: 11
3. mage: the ascension score: 11
4. settlers of catan score: 11
5. magic:the gathering score: 9
6. china mieville score: 9
7. wraeththu score: 9
8. lois mcmaster bujold score: 9
9. folk rock score: 9
10. usenet score: 9
11. guy gavriel kay score: 8
12. levellers score: 8
13. roger zelazny score: 8
14. c. j. cherryh score: 8
15. changeling: the dreaming score: 8
16. free software score: 8
17. score: 7
18. amber drpg score: 7
19. cal score: 7
20. pascal score: 7

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real ale is an obvious guess, really; but I'm a little disappointed to discover that it thinks I should like Noun: the Verbing games :-). Mieville and Bujold are pretty good guesses, and I already have Cherryh (only without the periods) and Zelazney (without the Roger). Similarly I have amber diceless rather than … drpg. free software would be a good addition to my list (had I more than 150 slots available), and I might be tempted by :-). usenet probably doesn't count as an interest, and I can't see how anyone could be interested in a text-mode calendar program. I'm rather bemused by the others in general...
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