June 11th, 2005

userinfo senji
2005/06/11 00:39:00 - Hell, it is a freezing over.
So, I now have sarge working on a machine. This did involve figuring out why things were segfaulting and submitting two bug reports though…
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userinfo meirion
2005/06/11 08:41:05
what things were segfaulting?

and why have i had *zero trouble* with installs/upgrades of sarge/what became sarge for some considerable time now, whereas other geeks seem to have had/be having all manner of problems?

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userinfo pm215
2005/06/11 09:51:10
You're probably more likely to have difficulty if you're running funny architectures (as senji appears to be judging from the bug report he submitted) or have installed stuff from backports or other third-party stuff (like me; just had a barf trying to update to the woody point release due to a bug in a third-party realplayer package) or failed to read the release notes (like SGT)...

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userinfo lnr
2005/06/11 10:28:04
Yeah, I had odds and ends of backported stuff but it was all installed in at user level rather than as root, and when I upgraded to sarge it went fine. Of course this was before release, but I doubt that will have made things significantly worse.
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Hell, it is a freezing over. - Squaring the circle...

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