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Whinge: Jane Coston Cycle Bridge

I'm very much in favour of the Jane Coston Cycle Bridge; it makes my life much easier. But at the Cambridge end I find it very inconvenient. To the right here is a picture of the route I end up taking around it, which is less than optimal!

Walking through it, I start off coming down the bridge, usually freewheeling at a reasonable speed. At this point I have to start thinking about the end of the bridge. As you can see it curves off to the left, so even if I didn't know what I do I'd probably want to start decelerating.

Once I'm a little way around the corner the situation at the end of the bridge becomes clearer (in fact the actual bridge section pretty closely mirrors the Milton end), with some of the badly designed tactile paving that I've complained about before, and then some bollards. Being me, with my frequently stated preferences about this sort of paving, I duck left so as to run over the more convenient pedestrian bit.

Next we reach the bollards themselves. This is the first point where we notice the lowered curb on the right-hand side, which is the route that I want to take. At this stage it's probably too late for someone unused to the route to go right here. I, on the other hand, am slipping back across the central divide between the paired bollards and frantically signaling right in case there's another cyclist behind me. It's not uncommon for other cyclists, who haven't decelerated on the downwards section, to come past at this stage, around the outside of the bollards and straight onto the road going towards the city. I haven't yet had a collision with one, but I've had some very near misses. I almost got hit by one while taking the photos, as well.

The next shot shows approximately what I see as I come out between the bollards. In practice I'll usually be pointing at about where that car is and have to put some effort in to pull right into the turn-off that you can see behind the railings. Plus watch out for cars that haven't noticed the new 30mph speed limit on the road.

A view of the entire junction [from the back of the car on the previous shot]

A top-down view of the bottom of the bridge [unfortunately the lowered kerb is only just visible on the right-hand-side].
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