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Signs and other Portents

This sign appeared on the A14 under Girton the other week. It works out as a little over 1 casualty (KSI I assume) every working day of the year, and the odd few left over for weekends. It's not entirely sure if they mean the entire A14 or just the bit in Cambridgeshire.

While I was stopped I also took photos of the strange camera like thing which lurks over the side of that bridge, and the marks on the ground and strange lampposty thing that goes with it. I'm particularly amused by the note on the device, which reads:
This Unit Is A Traffic Flow Monitor

This is NOT a Camera
This is NOT a Speed Trap
This is NOT a Tax Disc Reader
I wonder if they've had problems with people destroying them?

The third thing in Girton to recently catch my attention was this new sign. We've been on National Cycle Route 51 for some time now. Mainly what this means is nice cheap self-adhesive signs on lamp-posts (which are occasionally confusing), but we've actually got a real sign now (left). I think this is a good idea, and the execution doesn't seem to be too crap yet…
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